BTS Participated in Gulf Traffic 2015

With a Big Success and collaboration with top of range European Partners; Bond Traffic Solutions (BTS) has been participated in the Gulf Traffic 2015 show at DWTC with big success and new products brought to GCC Market.

BTS with LA SEMAFORICA-Italy had promoted the new Traffic Signal Controller “CARTESIO”, The UTC Software “TMACS: and new Traffic Signal Heads.

A New Over-Height Vehicle Detection System and other top of range sensors have been promoted from COMARK-Itally.

BTS had shown also five CCTV Traffic Cameras from Siqura with very interesting life demonstration.

A new model form the Bus Stop VMS has been displayed in BTS Booth from Aesys-Ital

The show has been driven with the presences of BTS Management & Team and High Level Representatives from all Channel Partners and Vendors.