Intelligent Traffic Systems

Bond Traffic Solutions (BTS) provides Intelligent Traffic Systems and services that integrate information and communication technologies with transport infrastructure, vehicles and users to improve the safety of the roads and gather information to better improve road infrastructure. These systems provide the operators with crucial information about the conditions of the roads as well as traffic flow in order to monitor the roads, improve safety for drivers and reduce vehicle wear, transportation times, fuel and energy consumption.


BTS integrates users, transport systems and vehicles through state-of-the-art information and communication technologies and solutions such as:

  1. Traffic Signals

  2. Variable Message Signs & Speed Control Signs

  3. Portable Variable Message Signs

  4. Traffic Count and Vehicle Classification

  5. Traffic Incident Detection

  6. Red Light Violation and Speed Monitoring

  7. Road and Weather Information

  8. Automatic Number Plate Recognition

  9. Over Height Vehicle Detection

  10. Vehicle Weight Monitoring

  11. Toll Control

  12. Collision Warning

  13. Traffic Video Surveillance

  14. Telecommunications

  15. Traffic Control Centers

  16. Speed Monitoring