Intelligent Transportation Systems

Bond Traffic Solutions (BTS) provides the highest quality ITS solutions for all modes of transport such as Public Transport, Company Transport, Private Transport, Goods Transport and Military Transport, including but not limited to Buses, Light Rail, Rail, Taxis, Airplanes, Company Cars, Private Cars, Trucks, Police, Military and Emergency vehicles. These solutions help fleet operators optimize the management of the fleet and the staff, satisfy their passengers and clients, save money, minimize trip distances and durations, monitor service and maintenance and get the best overview about what is going on in the system for future planning.


BTS provides the whole range of ITS systems for all mentioned Transport modes, including at a minimum:

  1. Planning and Optimization Systems

  2. Vehicle Location and Management Systems

  3. Ticketing Systems

  4. Information Systems

  5. Vehicle Equipment

  6. Electric vehicle charging stations