Parking Management Systems

Off-Street Parking Management Solutions

With the growing requirements for off-street parking structures, there has been an increased demand for car park management solutions using the latest technologies. Conscience of the fact that the car park is the first impression of any location, Bond Traffic Solutions provides the best solutions for managing parking access, increasing security, optimizing the car park operations, managing the traffic flow and guidance and managing the parking revenues to ensure that the visitors have the most pleasant experience. Some of these solutions include:

  1. Parking Access Control & Revenue Management

  2. Guidance and Traffic Management

  3. Vehicle Counting

  4. Valet Parking

  5. Automated Parking

  6. Video Surveillance

  7. Vehicle Locator

On-Street Parking Management Solutions

Bond Traffic Solutions (BTS) offers integrated parking systems and a wide range of products to manage on-street parking bays. Operated independently or part of a network, they provide a wide choice of payment methods; such as coin, smart card, credit card, or mobile phone, making parking much easier for the public. BTS offers the following range of solutions for the management of on-street parking areas:

  1. Bay Monitoring and Guidance

  2. Parking Meters

  3. Parking Violation Enforcement

  4. Outdoor Video Surveillance